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Security, Supervisory & Surveillance Systems designed just for your Yacht, Boat & RV - Monitoring via IP, Cellular & Worldwide Satellite 

Yacht & Boat Owners Who Care About Their Vessels Are Always Insistent On These Two Things!
Only the best of your friends and business associates are permitted to enjoy the pleasures of visiting your vessel.
You are diligent about bringing only the finest products on board for safety and lifestyle.

As yacht owners ourselves we at “Marine Guard Yacht Security” share your passion. It is with a deep understanding of marine security needs and our desire to bypass inferior substitutes, that we developed the security solutions for your prized possession.

With 25 years of hands on experience in all aspects of the electronic security industry, we have both the ability and the desire to weed through the vast multitudes of available components to select only the very best. It is with personal knowledge of the demands of our vessels and how they operate, that qualifies us to integrate security into the marine environment. Products that were manufactured for residential and commercial applications are often used but rarely stand up to the conditions our vessels operate and reside in.       

As a branch of an industry specific consumer protection company, “The Experts Know!” we are mandated to a level of consumer concern that is above and beyond. If we wouldn’t use it ourselves, we will never suggest it to you!

The Marine Guard Yacht Security Systems


  • Are designed specifically for the marine environment
  • Are user friendly and operate without complication
  • Report directly to you on your cell phone and computer
  • Protect your vessel from intruders boarding with state of the art detection devices  
  • Guard against undesired hatch / door openings
  • Announce welcome guests while you're aboard
  • Identify, report and log authorized real time boarding’s and departures
  • Monitor your bilge high water levels
  • Monitor your 12VDC power supply
  • Set a Geo Fence around your boat preventing unauthorized movement
  • Give you web site access for your vessels GPS location, heading and speed
  • Allow you to remotely control lighting and on board systems
  • Provide remote video of your vessel's interior, bridge and engine room
  • Store video of interior violations on an off vessel server w/ internet access
  • Are available in hardwired and licensed frequency wireless platforms
  • Can be used as a stand alone local system without reporting.

Reporting is done by your choice of cellular communicators for local protection or satellite communicators for global vessel protection.

* Professional 24/7 monitoring technicians is an available added option.

We look forward to designing a custom system for you.

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