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MarineGuard Quality Hardwired Components


When we looked for a hardwired system to serve in the marine environment, we were shocked at how many modified home security systems were being marketed as marine systems. The Marine Guard system and equipment was developed ground up specifically for and with a deep understanding of what the marine environment is. From its NMEA III enclosure to its potted and epoxy coated components, it is precisely what is needed to protect and watch over your vessel in your absence.

The manufacturer of the system Sure Action Inc. is the inventor of the deck sensor, a small pressure sensor that is hidden under decks and ladders. The deck sensor is immune to birds, sun, rain, the rocking of the boat and the boat banging against the dock. They are the only motion detection device of its kind in the industry.  The deck sensors are used in pairs to balance the system. Three different pulsars are manufactured specifically for fiberglass decks, wood decks & all gunwales and steel/aluminum decks. The control has a 24 hr bilge zone, (2 or 4) dedicated deck sensor zones and (3 )additional hardwired zones for any other normally open security and supervisory equipment you would like to add to your system.

The MG58 can handle up to (8) eight deck sensors and the MG54 handles up to (4) four deck sensors. Each control comes with (1) Outdoor Siren, a (4) channel wireless receiver, (2) keychain remotes for arming and disarming, (1) chime-plate with on / off switch to announce visitors and (2) LED’s for alarm status. Most of our packages include (2) to (4) deck sensors and (2) contacts as well.

Add a contact to doors and hatches to the interior for additional perimeter protection. The contacts come in four different styles. (Large) for wide gap hatches, (Small) for tight door protection, (Recessed) for hidden contacts and (wireless) for areas that you can’t get a wire to.

Add an optional Bilge Sensor & Sounder for high water detection.

Add an optional Pet Immune Dual Technology Passive Infrared Motion Detector for high security interior applications.

Add an optional Photo Electric Beam for applications where you can’t get pulsor’s under the decks of an uncovered fly-bridge, that you want to be protected.   

You can use your system as a stand alone local system or you can add a Marine Guard Monitoring device to give you 24/7 contact with your boats security and supervisory devices.

For boats that are restricted to inland waters or will always be in a cell coverage area, the Marine Guard Cellular Communicator works with a prepaid SIM card. It will send a report to your e-mail and text your cell phone on any violation.

For everywhere in the world coverage, you would add the Marine Guard Satellite Transponder. This device will bounce any violation signal off of a satellite to your e-mail and cell phone.

You will be able to set a Geo-Fence (Virtual Fence) around your boat with either of these reporting systems from your computer. If the boat moves out of your Geo-Fence you will be alerted immediately. You will than have the ability to track your vessels location, speed and heading from any computer.

There is a monthly fee to monitor these devices based on what frequencies of reports you want. The basic package is (1) one report daily and during every violation. You can choose to receive a report up to hourly for high security applications. Examples of the monitoring packages are listed on our “Services” page.

There is also a monitoring central station option for the owner that needs a professional operator to receive and dispatch assigned responders to alarms and supervisory conditions.

There is nothing more dependable than a hardwired system that is designed just for the marine environment. Many boat owners are capable of doing installations themselves and they will find the Marine Guard System to be straight forward and easy to install. For those that prefer professional installation, you will find that any marine electronics installer has the skills to install your system.

Below you will see our quality Marine Guard Yacht Security packages and devices. Contact us for any questions you would like answered. There is a “Purchase” page on this site to check pricing.  


The Marine Guard control is the backbone of the system. It is designed specifically for the marine environment it is used in. All components are treated and sealed  for long life and system dependability.


The smaller hatch / door contacts are secured to both sides of the opening. If opened while the security system is armed, the alarm is activated. These smaller contacts are for tight gap protection.



The larger surface mount hatch contacts are secured to both sides of the hatch opening.  If the hatch is opened while the security system is armed, the alarm is activated.  These larger contacts are for wide gap protection. 


The recessed hatch contacts are recessed in both sides of the hatch opening.  If the hatch is opened while the security system is armed, the alarm is activated. These recessed contacts are invisible in applications where you can recess a contact into the hatch. 


The wireless hatch / door contact transmits a radio signal to the receiver in the control panel. No wires need to be run.


Dual technology passive infra red motion detector for protecting the interior of your yacht. Radar can be tuned to the dimensions of your vessels interior.







The Bilge Sensor and Sounder monitors the water level in your bilge. A sounder triggers if water rises above a specified level.


Plug this Shore Power Detector into any onboard outlet and it will monitor loss of shore power. Built in timer relay waits for 3-8 minutes before alerting your MarineGuard system of the absence of AC power, this eliminates nuisance alarms from moving a shore cord etc.   

Marine Guard
Hardwired MG54C Package
Package includes:
  • (1) MG54 Marine Security Control
  • (2) Status LED's
  • (1) Marine Guard Siren
  • (1) Lighting Controls
  • (1) Wireless Receiver
  • (2) Wireless Key Chain Remotes
  • (2) Marine Guard Deck Sensors       
  • (Handles up to 4)
  • (1) Large Hatch/Door Contact
  • (1) Small Hatch/Door Contact

Good Choice for up to 50 ft. Vessels
Our Best Selling system!



The Deck Sensor is the most stable and versatile motion detector available anywhere. The Deck Sensor is completely invisible and is effective on almost any boat structure including wood, fiberglass, aluminum and steel. It is environmentally sealed.


The Marine Guard siren will warn off uninvited intruders with it's piercing yell.


The interior strobe will flash a visible warning to system violators. Use this strobe where your yachts lighting systems are not to be integrated into the Marine Guard system.


The Photo Electric Beam will create an interior trap where other interior devices are not applicable.


The momentary key-switch can be added discreetly, allowing you to arm and disarm in the absence of your remote key-chains.

Marine Guard
Hardwired MG58C Package
Package includes:
  • (1) MG58 Marine Security Control
  • (2) Status LED's
  • (1) Marine Guard Siren
  • (1) Lighting Controls
  • (1) Wireless Receiver (4 Channel)
  • (2) Wireless Key Chain Remotes
  • (1) Chime Plate with on/off Switch
  • (4) Marine Guard Deck Sensors      
  • (Handles up to 8)
  • (1) Large Hatch/Door Contact
  • (1) Small Hatch/Door Contact
 Good Choice for 50 ft. + Vessels


Marine Guard's Worldwide Satellite Transmitter. Worldwide reception 4-channel transmitter Monitors all security and GPS conditions and reports the same to your cell and computer.
*Purchase a monitoring package separately. Visit our "Services" page to make your selection.  


Marine Guard's Cellular Transmitter with GPS. 4-channel transmitter. Monitors and reports over a local cell network to your cell phone and computer

* Purchase a monitoring package separately.  Visit our "Services" page to make your selection.


The wireless receiver and transmitter package allows you to arm and disarm your marine guard security system remotely. Includes (1) receiver and (2) transmitter keychains.


Marine Grade 20/2 wire comes in 250', 500' and 1000'  spools.


Chime Plate with on/off switch. The chime is like a doorbell announcing entries and boardings while your below. Can be switched off and back on as desired.

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Call to order today! We are happy to answer any questions you might have, design a custom package or share our advise for your vessel security needs. Check our purchase page for pricing on all options. 

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